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I Like Having Friends Who Are In Love


It makes everything I want seem very possible.
Not just romantic stuff.
So to anyone who’s afraid to show how much you love someone?
Fuck everybody else.
Be gross.
It gives some of us reassurance.  

this was posted by someone I’ve known for years.Alex was a best friend, a lover, and for a long time a regret. Not that I regretted being wit him, but I regretted that he wasn’t part of my life anymore. Alex passed away on Sunday May 27th. I hadn’t spoken to him in 3 years. I’m reblogging this post, because from now on I own’t be afraid to tell someone that I love them, even if they’re mad at me, even if they say really ugly things about me. Because love may not always be returned, but even feeling the emotion, and allowing it into the universe is a very calming feeling. To you Alex, I will never be afraid to show my love.


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