Sera Ferron: Geek U.S.A

The heart is a truly funny and unreliable sense of judgement. I wish I could turn it off.

Nails that slither
Twisting about the lid
Inside the winter
Cold and forgotten
Barren lands
Blazing in sweet and simple desperation

It’s so sad that valor breaks
As does the ice off your skin
Mouths that once trembled
To make the sin
You were always sinking in

Truth begins to banish
The old world sky forsakes
Breaking down the door
The enemy commiserates
Twisting through the scorched earth
The spell beings to fade
The clouds kiss death with black lips
That only part for strength

Open up the door
I’m coming down inside
There’s room in this box for two
…and nowhere left to hide…

Which ones the real one?

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