Sera Ferron: Geek U.S.A


Spread me like cancer across the floor
as virtue and forbidden gasps start to merge
into one resonant sound

Tensing and stretching canvas on  the frame
finger paint my figure beautiful with your desires
long and questing with thoughtful remorse

Every stroke a sound intonation forfeit
Dancing light flickers on your tongue 
as words emerge summoned from memories of clouds

Time is gently displaced when magic entwines.
this heightened sense breaks through time.
Where bodies know nothing of humanity

Breaking convention as we mold to form one
One sound, one taste one piece of flesh..

Claim me, test me,
break me apart…


don’t usually post personal things… but I’m in a sharing mood, so sorry.. This is very old, figured I’d dust off the cobwebs. 

I’m lost somewhere between the whole motivational posters movement of elementary school that told me that I could do anything I set my mind to, and the cold realization that there are things that you can’t change, and you will lose people if you push them the way you push mountains. 

this can’t be fixed with cute pictures of cats.

I guess I should lose your number.

life on the internet

My life has pretty much been on the internet since I was 18. At least some version of me. The model me. Which means that none of my life has actually been on the internet, just some professional glean of what’s actually going on. When you’re young and trying to model you want to appear professional, especially in a sea of young models who have given being young a reputation of drama and complaining. And so when I was thinking or feeling something not indicative of a completely happy model that you would want to work with I had to keep it inside. I didn’t post about it on the internet where potential employers would see it and judge the judgement of that statement. The idea of wanting to put your life on the internet may seem trite and juvenile, but it can be therapeutic when you don’t have anyone in person that you can talk to openly without them making you feel bad for feeling bad. 

Anyway, the moral of my story is that I’m sad, I’m having an ugly feeling day because I’ve had to rush to work a lot, and that one night was beautiful, but now I’m slightly heartbroken.

There internet… I don’t care if you judge me anymore. 

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